Witch at Heart (A Jinx Hamilton Mystery Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Witch at Heart (A Jinx Hamilton Mystery Book 1)

Magic begins in the heart.

Jinx Hamilton is ready to trade in waitressing for becoming her own boss. The shop she inherits from her eccentric aunt in Briar Hollow, North Carolina seems like the perfect fit. As Jinx handles the enchanted inventory and the unruly clientele, she discovers her aunt also willed her magical powers without an instruction manual!

As if that weren’t enough, she’s forced to deal with four cats, several homeless ghosts, and a potential serial killer. With a little help from her best friend and a dreamy new neighbor, Jinx must keep the business afloat and the murderer at bay. And it’ll take more than clever bookkeeping and spellcasting to keep the store… and herself… from going under.

Witch at Heart is the first book in an enchanting series of cozy paranormal urban fantasy novels. If you like twisty mysteries, hilarious hijinks, and a dash of sweet romance, then you’ll love Juliette Harper’s cozy fantasy world.

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