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Shadows of the Stone Benders (The Anlon Cully Chronicles Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Shadows of the Stone Benders (The Anlon Cully Chronicles Book 1)

For fans of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon novels, a riveting archaeological mystery.

World-renowned scientist Anlon Cully is unexpectedly swept into the thick of a suspense-riddled adventure when his archaeologist uncle, Devlin Wilson, dies under suspicious circumstances.

Prior to his “accidental” fall off a New Hampshire mountain trail, Devlin made the discovery of a lifetime – unearthing undeniable proof that a technologically advanced society thrived on Earth long before archaeologists thought possible!

The key to this shocking evidence lies in a set of mysterious stones forged by a long forgotten race of ancient mariners. Instilled with formidable powers to build, communicate, fight and heal, the stones draw the ruthless attention of villainous thieves hell bent on their acquisition by any means possible…including murder.

Aided by friend Pebbles McCarver and police detective Jennifer Stevens, Anlon follows traces of bewildering clues left by his uncle in a dangerous chase to unravel the stones’ secrets before the killer strikes again and escapes with the priceless artifacts.

Peppered with the thought provoking intrigue of a Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child thriller, Shadows of the Stone Benders leaves readers questioning the technological prowess of modern man and the belief that Neolithic humans were nothing more than unsophisticated cave dwellers.

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The Portal: Science Fiction Meets Fantasy Head On in This Action Adventure Novel (The Birdmen of Beta Earth Series Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: The Portal: Science Fiction Meets Fantasy Head On in This Action Adventure Novel (The Birdmen of Beta Earth Series Book 1)

“…intriguing…” “…well written…” “…moves at a good pace…”

Deelo Con, a disgraced war commander in the Daylon Empire, is the first to discover the Portal at the Battle of Wieese, but when he is sucked up into it, he emerges ten years later with his identity forgotten, odd and extraordinary magical powers, and no sense of loyalty. As his memories slowly come back, Deelo is pressed for the location of the Portal, because whoever encounters it gains the abilities to hurl stones from staffs, raise lava from the ground, and see beyond one’s own eyes.

With the balance of Power in the Daylon Empire hanging precariously in the hands of Deelo’s brother, the self-crowned emperor of the New Daylon Empire, Deelo must decide to whom he should lead to the Portal and grant these destructive powers, and whom he should leave to die.

But Deelo must act quickly and decisively, because the Portal goes both ways. The real invaders are coming, and they’re not just coming for the Daylon’s territories: they’re coming for their souls.

“The Portal is an intriguing action adventure with fully flushed out social and political systems, and a main character that struggles with moral decisions while forced into precarious positions. All the while, there are people being tortured and battles a plenty in search of The Portal, but is this religious icon a saving grace… or the “E”-day for everyone, an end to humanity as they know it.”

“For the sake of a good author’s future please do download the book and email the author a few edits.”

-Heaven’s Fiction Review

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Unfathomed (The Locus Series Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Unfathomed (The Locus Series Book 1)

The M/S Atlantica, the most advanced cruise ship in the world, is lost.

Land has disappeared. Fuel, food and hope begin to dwindle.

After months recuperating in hospital, US Marine Jack Cohen hoped a Caribbean cruise would help him recover from the horrific injuries he sustained fighting in the Middle East. Instead, when the ship is attacked, he is once again thrust into battle to protect Atlantica against the ruthless enemy hunting her, and the insidious threat already aboard.

On these mysterious and uncharted seas, where even the compass shows the sun rising to the west, Atlantica’s salvation may lie with a Navy warship which is as lost as they are. Together, they must pool their resources and use every means available to defend themselves while discovering what has happened to them.

And the rest of the world.

Unfathomed, a military science fiction thriller which will appeal to anyone who enjoyed Lost, BSG or The Last Ship.

From the international best-selling author of Endeavour and Erebus.

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When the Power is Gone: A Powerless World – Book 1

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: When the Power is Gone: A Powerless World - Book 1

Russ and Anne Mathews live in a rural suburb in Tennessee. Regular people, with regular jobs, living a normal life – except for one thing. They are what many people call “preppers”.

They have stocked up on supplies to survive any kind of event they can think of that may occur to disrupt life as they know it. When that event comes, they start preparing for the new way of life they will face. Along with their teenage son, and their next door neighbors and best friends, they plan their exit from a neighborhood too close to the city to a farm in the country. They just have to get there.

Their faith in their own capabilities and in humankind will be challenged, as they fight to protect and keep their supplies and, quite possibly, their lives.

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THE HIDDEN SURVIVOR: an EMP survival story

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: THE HIDDEN SURVIVOR: an EMP survival story

Glen Carter had it all: a wife, a family, a thriving medical practice … until tragedy struck and the life he once adored was nothing more than a heartbreaking memory.

With few resources and little knowledge of how to survive without the conveniences of modern life, he dissolves into the woods, where he finds forgiveness and embraces life off the grid.

Then, once again, his life is upended …

An impending solar storm threatens the earth, but governing bodies have opted to keep that information close to the vest. But their attempts fail. The storm devastates the electrical grids and leaves the world in chaos. That is, everyone except Glen … for now.

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Memoirs of a Time Traveler (Time Amazon Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Memoirs of a Time Traveler (Time Amazon Book 1)

“You couldn’t ask for a finer guide to the future — or the past — than Doug Molitor.” — Larry Gelbart (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, M*A*S*H, Tootsie)

In this fast-paced, thrilling journey through time, archaeologist David Preston comes into possession of a baseball supposedly signed by the legendary Ty Cobb in 1908, thanks to Ariyl Moro and her mysterious companion, Jon Ludlo. Except the ball tests out to be an impossible paradox. It was signed with a ballpoint pen (not invented until 1938) using ink that’s several centuries older. But then, Ariyl and Ludlo aren’t who they claim to be either.

Ariyl, a voluptuous 6-foot-3 beauty, turns out to be a tourist from a 22nd century paradise where time travel is the latest craze. Unbeknownst to her, however, her traveling companion, Ludlo, is a psychopath whose thefts are starting to alter history. In a world were even small changes in the timeline can cause catastrophic consequences, Ludlo’s actions may completely destroy the future.

To stop Ludlo, David and Ariyl must solve a mystery involving Bronze Age swordsmen, modern-day Nazis, a steampunk world, Albert Einstein, some highly skeptical Founding Fathers, and a Golden Age Hollywood where the murder of a beloved movie star will spell doom for civilization.

Sci-fi meets romantic comedy…with sword-swinging adventure!

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Fall Back (Collapse: New Republic Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Fall Back (Collapse: New Republic Book 1)

It’s not the end.
The Apocalypse is only just beginning…

The Eko virus sweeps the globe in mere days, killing billions. Air Force One disintegrates in a ball of flame. The Secretary of Defense holds a pistol to the head of an Army grunt. The world has gone insane. And the apocalypse is just getting warmed up.

Echo Company is woken in the middle of the night and put on the last plane out of Germany. They might be the last special forces operators anywhere in the world. They’re used to being the men who go bump in the night. But now they’re all that stands between society and absolute chaos.

Captain Jax Booth never planned on being a father. Not yet, anyway. But the Eko virus killed the woman he loved, and left him to care for her daughter in a world that was falling apart. So he did what he had to. He got Hayley to Cheyenne Mountain, the last bastion of safety anywhere in the world. If there’s one thing the Eko virus can’t get through, it’s 500 feet of reinforced rock…

In time, the virus burns itself out. A small band of survivors establish themselves in the Rockies, and finally pause for breath. The virus might be gone, but winter is coming. It’s time to rebuild. To scavenge. To hunt.

To survive.

America has fallen. But a New Republic will rise…

We suggest you read Perfect Storm, book one in the main Collapse series before losing yourself in Fall Back. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like following rules, then you can definitely read New Republic as a standalone series!

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The Trilisk Ruins (Parker Interstellar Travels Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: The Trilisk Ruins (Parker Interstellar Travels Book 1)

Telisa Relachik studied to be a xenoarchaeologist in a future where humans have found alien artifacts but haven’t ever encountered live aliens. Of all the aliens whose extinct civilizations are investigated, the Trilisks are the most advanced and the most mysterious.

Telisa refuses to join the government because of her opposition to its hard-handed policies restricting civilian investigation and trade of alien artifacts, despite the fact that her estranged father is a captain in the United Nations Space Force.

When a group of artifact smugglers recruits her, she can’t pass up the chance at getting her hands on objects that could advance her life’s work. But she soon learns her expectations of excitement and riches come with serious drawbacks as she ends up fighting for her life on a mysterious alien planet.

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Rectify: A Novella (The Rectify Series Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Rectify: A Novella (The Rectify Series Book 1)

The virus CO-D4 rages across the globe with debilitating effects. Authorities, scientists and medical personnel scramble to find a cure. Those who fall victim to the virus, experience a fast and insufferable death and then they come back.

Chaos erupts and the world moves to the brink of extinction until the realization that a cure is not the answer, containing the crises is. The virus is not just a pandemic, it’s a war. The battle is on, front lines are drawn and mankind holds the upper hand. Controlling the victims before they rise is the only way to stop it.

But Doctor June Mannis doesn’t believe that. She sees something else in the victims … hope. She is a lone soldier in a private war that will prove to be either insanity or humanity’s turning point.

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Diving into the Wreck: A Diving Novel (The Diving Series Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Diving into the Wreck: A Diving Novel (The Diving Series Book 1)

Boss dives derelict space vessels, for money, yes, but more for their historical value. So, when Boss uncovers the find of a lifetime, she enlists the best divers she can convince to help her pursue it—off the grid and under the Empire’s radar.

Boss’ discovery leads her and some of her team to the Room of Lost Souls. Boss remembers the Room. It haunts her. Her mother died there. Now, a client wants her to go back. She wants Boss to help her uncover the Room’s mysteries. But the truths she discovers might destroy everything Boss holds sacred.

Because the more they discover, the less they realize they know—and the more it will cost them all.

Asimov Science Fiction Readers’ Choice, and RT Reviewers’ Choice.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is a New York Times bestselling author whose fiction has won dozens of awards and critical accolades.

“This is classic sci-fi, a well-told tale of dangerous exploration. The first-person narration makes the reader an eyewitness to the vast, silent realms of deep space, where even the smallest error will bring disaster. Compellingly human and technically absorbing, the suspense builds to fevered intensity, culminating in an explosive yet plausible conclusion.”

—RT Book Reviews Top Pick

“Diving into the Wreck has much to offer, including what even Boss—the avid researcher into lost forms of science—describes as ‘secrets which, if understood, can teach us more about ourselves than any science can.’”

—Locus Magazine

“Rusch delivers a page-turning space adventure while contemplating the ethics of scientists and governments working together on future tech.”

—Publisher’s Weekly

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