Winning Her Heart (Loving a Star Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Winning Her Heart (Loving a Star Book 1)

Nicole Carson has found happiness in taking care of animals. A relationship? Maybe someday, if ever. While interning for the summer in Florida, Nicole’s world is shaken when tennis star Aidan Coleman shows up. Marked by her parents’ dramas, she is certain that any involvement with a man will end in pain and she does her best to stay away from the handsome athlete.

After an injury ended his career, Aidan Coleman is left struggling to find his path. Becoming the youngest world number one in the history of tennis brought him wealth, fame, and success, but not happiness. He is in Florida to shoot a commercial, not to find love. But when he meets Nicole Carson, he quickly realizes that he’s been waiting for her all his life. All his other victories will be worthless if he can’t win Nicole’s heart.

When the right person arrives, your life can change forever in a blink of an eye.

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