The Seeker’s Riddle: A Novel of First Contact

Locke Howden has a ticket off world and a head full of big dreams. With his prospects on Earth dismal at best, he’s determined to make a life for himself at the outer edges of mankind’s expansion into the galaxy. With his intelligence, a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, he’ll be back in seven years to rescue his little sister from poverty and exploitation.

Locke soon discovers the best laid plans must suffer the whims of the universe.

His ship is boarded by a motley band of space pirates. Their targets: a twenty-two-year-old savant and his beautiful twin sister. Swept up in the heist, Locke is taken to the crash site of a monstrous alien spaceship on an uncharted planet. There, the pirates set Locke and the twins to work on achieving the one thing they haven’t been able to do – get inside.

As he learns more about his captors, the alien technology and the secrets locked away in the savant’s enigmatic brain, Locke realizes that he’ll need to take drastic action if he ever wants to get off the planet alive.

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