The Risk of Falling: Summer at Falling Pines (Summer at Falling Pines Lake Book 3)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: The Risk of Falling: Summer at Falling Pines (Summer at Falling Pines Lake Book 3)

IZZY MORALES, a young, shooting-star of an archaeologist, has given up everything to focus on her career. When she’s framed for plagiarism, Izzy is devastated. In an attempt to distract herself from the wreckage of her reputation and career, Izzy runs away to a Camp Falling Pines counselor reunion. Instead of a weekend filled with support and comfort from her oldest and dearest friends, she comes face to face with CHARLIE BRIGGS. Her old crush is still the hottest guy at camp, and Izzy is still a card-carrying nerd—not at all like the leggy stars and models that hang over Charlie.

CHARLIE, the pro-hockey, all-star, is tired of people glomming on to him because of his name and fortune. He’s ready to retire, but to do what? He needs a new career, something to show the brainiacs in his family, he can be more than a jock.

The offer to be Rare Earth Mining Corporation’s spokesperson seems the perfect way to leverage his name and his desire to impress his family. Rare Earth has perfected a method to surgically extract elements from the earth, which are essential to develop clean fuel, while leaving the environment intact. Except after Charlie signs a contract with Rare Earth, he discovers there’s nothing surgical about their technique. In fact, the company is going to destroy Camp Falling Pines and a chunk of the surrounding town. Now, he has to figure out a way to stop them. If he can prove the mining venture would destroy a precious natural resource, he could block the company. The only person who can prove that is a scientist. And it’s hello Dr. Izzy Morales. She definitely needs a job and has the credentials to pull it off. Bonus, she rocks that hot librarian fantasy.

THE RISK OF FALLING is a sweet romance and the third book in the Summer at Falling Pines: Small Town, Second Chance Romance series. The interconnected stories are all stand-alone books, complete with a happily ever after.

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