Silver Blood (Blood Series Book 2)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Silver Blood (Blood Series Book 2)

Home. I used to think I knew what that was, but when I came here, I realized just how much I had been missing out on. My parents welcomed me into their lives with open arms and are trying to build that bond we missed out on for so many years. With that, though, comes a few challenges.

My three soul-ties try to be understanding of my need for freedom and independence outside of the coven, but after so many years living in the darkness, it’s hard for them to understand the struggles I go through as a creature who thrives out in the sunlight. The only saving grace is my best friend, Britt. She helps make sense of all the confusion in my life, and encourages me to strengthen my developing relationships.

But, not all is as it seems. Almost every time I leave the coven, I end up getting attacked. Are these random incidents, or is there an unknown threat out there targeting me for some reason?
As each attack becomes more vicious than the last, tensions begin to rise between me and my guys. I’m left to wonder, is this really home if no one trusts me to take care of myself and live my life? Or have I just moved into a glorified prison to be coddled for the rest of my life? Only time will tell…

Book Two of The Blood Series continues where Book One left off. It does end on a pretty shocking cliffhanger so if that’s not your thing, I would suggest waiting a few months for Book Three to be finished.

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