Shadow Detective Supernatural Dark Urban Fantasy Series: Books 1-3 (Shadow Detective Boxset)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Shadow Detective Supernatural Dark Urban Fantasy Series: Books 1-3 (Shadow Detective Boxset)

My name is Mike Raven, but the world knows me as the Shadow Detective.

Orphaned by demons at the age of ten, I have dedicated my life to keeping the world safe from nightmares. Trained by one of the greatest monster hunters who ever lived, and armed with an arsenal of mystical weapons, I battle forces beyond human understanding. Trust me, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

The Shadow Detective Boxed Set collects the first three supernatural action thrillers of the bestselling urban fantasy series in one place for one great price. You get: Cursed City, Soul Catcher and Blood Rain.


My name is Mike Raven. I hunt nightmares.

Demons murdered my parents when I was eight. Turns out my folks were paranormal investigators and Hell always settles its scores. Naturally I decided to join the family business.

For two decades I’ve studied the occult and traveled the world fighting monsters. Vampires. Shifters. Demons. Ghosts. I’ve faced them all. But my biggest challenge lay ahead…

From the moment Celeste stepped into my office, I knew she was in trouble. Black magic trouble. Her father had promised her soul to a powerful demon on the day she was born. Now, twenty-one years later, the forces of darkness were gathering to collect their long-awaited prize.

Guess who’s about to pick a fight with the Devil himself…


My name is Mike Raven. I hunt monsters. But today the monsters are hunting me.

There are two worlds. The world of the living–and the world of the dead. Sometimes they overlap. And sometimes they collide.

The spirit of a diabolical killer has returned from the grave to stalk the woman I love. Guess who’s going to pick a fight with a dead murderer and his legion of the damned?


My name is Mike Raven. I’ve always hunted monsters. But now one of them is the woman I love.

I tried to save Detective Jane Archer’s life. Instead I turned her into a creature of the night.

I know she’s out there. Hunting. Killing.

It’s only a matter of time before our paths cross. Before I must make a terrible decision: Do I put her down or let my city drown in a rain of blood?

The Shadow Detective eBook categories:

Dark Fantasy
Witches & Wizards
Myths & Legends
Supernatural Thriller
Urban Fantasy Thriller
Coming of Age
Angels & Demons
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Supernatural Mystery and Suspense
Vampires and Werewolves
Supernatural Shifter

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