Robot Empire: Dawn Exodus: A Science Fiction Adventure

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Robot Empire: Dawn Exodus: A Science Fiction Adventure

“The influence of Asimov is quickly felt.”

Would you risk everything for the sake of a stranger?

Arla thought the valleys of Dawn were the entire universe. But when she was recruited to become an Engineer, she discovered she’d been living a lie.

The Valleys weren’t real – they were inside a carved out asteroid on a centuries-long mission though interstellar space to establish a colony on a new planet.

But when they arrive at their destination they find that someone got there before them and when a terrifying enemy attacks Dawn, Arla is forced to take command.

With little support from her fellow engineers or officers, she must go up against a ruthless federation seeking a renegade pilot sheltering in Dawn’s brig. Should she give him up to certain death or risk the lives of everyone she loves for the sake of a stranger?

Dawn: Exodus is the first book in the now complete Robot Empire series of galaxy-sized adventures. If you like fast-paced science fiction in the classic mould of Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury and Bear, you’ll love Kevin Partner’s space adventure series.

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“Reminiscent of some of my favorite old time SciFi authors. Asimov, Heinlein, Niven. I may have found a new favorite author.” – Mark

“An aging colony ship with an agricultural society, robots and a confused crew. The potential is here for inspired world building. I’m ready to read the next book.” – Belle

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