Rectify: A Novella (The Rectify Series Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Rectify: A Novella (The Rectify Series Book 1)

The virus CO-D4 rages across the globe with debilitating effects. Authorities, scientists and medical personnel scramble to find a cure. Those who fall victim to the virus, experience a fast and insufferable death and then they come back.

Chaos erupts and the world moves to the brink of extinction until the realization that a cure is not the answer, containing the crises is. The virus is not just a pandemic, it’s a war. The battle is on, front lines are drawn and mankind holds the upper hand. Controlling the victims before they rise is the only way to stop it.

But Doctor June Mannis doesn’t believe that. She sees something else in the victims … hope. She is a lone soldier in a private war that will prove to be either insanity or humanity’s turning point.

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