One Summer: …at Charlie’s Diner

"Star Bloom is devastated—fired on a phony sexual harassment charge from her pastry chef job at a five-star restaurant. Seeing a help wanted sign in a window, she applies for the job as a waitress at the little diner near the Daytona Beach boardwalk.

Tyler Jackman, a wannabe cartoonist, works at the diner as a waiter. He falls for the pretty blonde, coming to her rescue time and time again. But Star doesn’t see him as anything more than a new friend.

Star is drawn to Ash, a handsome mystery man who frequents the diner. He begins to meet her after work, walks her home, and they share coffee on the beach. A summer romance?

The three lives intertwine as they strive to make their dreams come true. Will love, jealousy, friendship help or hinder their struggles? "

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