Love on Her Own Terms: A Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance Book

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Love on Her Own Terms: A Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance Book

Kathleen is Boston born and bred, with a degree from the Boston Conservatory of Music. On her 18th birthday, her parents announce that she has been betrothed to a longtime friend–one she has always known as Uncle Elias. She ponders that fate, but not until she finds out that the betrothal was actually a deal struck in order to save her father’s ailing business! As a bold response, she answers a Mail-Order Bride ad for one Dan Gallagher, a ranch owner in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, without knowing what future awaits her…

After his late father left it behind, Dan Gallagher struggles to keep the ranch alive, which seems like a difficult feat. His hardships with his brother, and his loneliness lead him to send for a mail order bride, with the expectation to fill his otherwise empty life. He hasn’t even seen her, nor has she, which makes it even more difficult for them to meet…

Her adventure begins when she leaves Boston, but as it unfolds, she starts to wonder who was the mysterious gentleman she met on the train station. Was it the real Dan Gallagher? Despite the way they meet and all the duplicity around her, who will save whom and, most importantly, will she find love on her own terms?

“Love on Her Own Terms” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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