Lady of the Court: Book Two of The Three Graces Trilogy

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7Can she keep her world from falling apart?

Cousins to the King of Navarre, the Cleves sisters witness the glamor and danger of the French royal court firsthand. Middle sister, Henriette, sits at the apex of the royal court, wife to one of King Henri III’s most trusted advisors
In a country torn apart by religious war, things can change in an instant, and no one in France is safe. Henriette is desperate to hold onto her life, and hand it on to the next generation. To do so, she must have an heir, something that she has so far failed to do.

Based on a true story
Henriette has to fight to hold onto everything that she holds dear, but war can sweep up even the most innocent. So don’t wait, scroll up and grab your copy today. You’ll instantly be front and center at the world of the Valois court, and all of the danger and splendor of Renaissance France!
Led by the ever-vigilant Catherine de Medici, Queen Mother of France and a force of nature, the members of the court shaped the political and religious future of France of the Sixteenth Century. In the trilogy, you’ll meet the often- derided Charlotte, Madame de Sauve, and enough royal mistresses to satisfy your need for scandal.

About the Author

With a graduate degree in History from Middle Tennessee State, writing historical fiction was a natural fit for me. Before I became a writer, I worked as an archivist and museum collections manager.

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