Hideaway: An EMP Thriller- Book 0

Losing power was only the beginning, now one couple must work together to survive.

James and Marla Weller lead normal lives in their quaint St. Louis suburb. But on one seemingly uneventful Friday morning, everything changes in an instant after an aerial blast causes a massive blackout through their city. Stranded at a gas station, James discovers that the power grid isn't the only thing disabled. His car and cell phone won't work either, and he's far from the only one. News travels of a bomb threat downtown where his wife is working, and James must get there by any means to find her. His dangerous journey is only the beginning of a mass evacuation that follows. Can he save Marla in time, or will they be unable to escape the imminent threat that looms over them? Find out how the story begins in the exciting prequel of a real-world disaster come alive.

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