Gone Dark: Battlefield Z (Battlefield Z Legends Book 1)

Where would you run?

Where would you hide?

Emma, Steve and Bob made it out of Delano and sought safety with her grandparents in the country. But now they're gone too and the three teens have no idea where to go or what to do next.

The Army should help. But a trip through across the backroads toward the largest base in Georgia turns into a nightmare. Things are worse than they thought.

The fragile bonds holding civilization together have snapped. Zombies aren't the only bad things in the woods.

Now the three misfits must work together to stay alive to reach a refugee camp. If they don't, they will die. Or worse.

Click to download your copy of book 2 in the Battlefield Z legends and fight out how three young adults struggle to survive a post apocalyptic zombie wasteland in a mishmash of Stranger Things meets World War Z.

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