First World (A Walker Saga Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: First World (A Walker Saga Book 1)

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Seven half-Walker girls. Seven worlds. One chance to save them all!

Abigail Swish’s life is nothing to brag about: gang-ridden city, orphanage style accommodations, and a matron who’s kinda on the evil side.

Not that she has to worry about that for much longer. She’ll turn 18 soon, and then it’s goodbye compound, hello dangerous streets of New York City.

Of course, as her luck would have it, she doesn’t make it to 18 before her world is turned upside down. One ambushed meeting with an accent-bearing, sword-wielding stranger, and suddenly her entire life as she knows it is a lie. Apparently she was just stashed on Earth for safekeeping and has been lost to her family ever since. And it’s time to return home. To First World; a land of unimaginable beauty.

Of course, one should never forget how the old tale goes: beauty often hides the darkest secrets.

Reading order-
First World – A Walker Saga Book One (Click link above)
Spurn – A Walker Saga Book Two (available on Amazon)
Crais – A Walker Saga Book Three (available on Amazon)
Regali – A Walker Saga Book Four (available on Amazon)
Nephilius – A Walker Saga Book Five (available on Amazon)
Dronish – A Walker Saga Book Six (available on Amazon)
Earth – A Walker Saga Book Seven (available on Amazon)

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