Fight the Good Fight (Echoes of the Past Book 1)

A republic under attack. A reluctant soldier. An all-out fight for the galaxy’s soul.

David Cohen prays he’ll live to see the other side of his first deployment. His people thought they had left war behind when they fled Earth centuries ago. Time, though, has not dulled the hatred and intolerance of their erstwhile oppressors. To defend his homeland’s freedom, David abandons his dream of becoming a rabbi for the battlefield… and discovers a side of himself he is not sure he can live with.

David's focus is clear when the bullets are flying. In the long hours after, he must reckon with the toll that blood and blame bring upon his mind. Can he square the tenets of his faith against his responsibility to crew and country? Nothing has prepared him to make decisions that could cause ruin or an end to generations of conflict... except for trust in God, himself, and those who serve under him.

If David Cohen survives it all, who will he be?

Echoes of the Past: Fight the Good Fight is the first book in a military sci-fi trilogy that takes an unflinching look at sacrifice, duty, and the scars left on the minds of those who serve. The trials and tactics of a starship commander are only part of the story... because every soldier faces battles within.

Fight The Good Fight is the first part of a three book trilogy, but does not end on a cliffhanger; it is a fine stand alone introduction to the world of EOTP.

If you love Babylon 5, Safehold, and Destroyermen, you'll love Echoes of the Past!

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