Fall Back (Collapse: New Republic Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Fall Back (Collapse: New Republic Book 1)

It’s not the end.
The Apocalypse is only just beginning…

The Eko virus sweeps the globe in mere days, killing billions. Air Force One disintegrates in a ball of flame. The Secretary of Defense holds a pistol to the head of an Army grunt. The world has gone insane. And the apocalypse is just getting warmed up.

Echo Company is woken in the middle of the night and put on the last plane out of Germany. They might be the last special forces operators anywhere in the world. They’re used to being the men who go bump in the night. But now they’re all that stands between society and absolute chaos.

Captain Jax Booth never planned on being a father. Not yet, anyway. But the Eko virus killed the woman he loved, and left him to care for her daughter in a world that was falling apart. So he did what he had to. He got Hayley to Cheyenne Mountain, the last bastion of safety anywhere in the world. If there’s one thing the Eko virus can’t get through, it’s 500 feet of reinforced rock…

In time, the virus burns itself out. A small band of survivors establish themselves in the Rockies, and finally pause for breath. The virus might be gone, but winter is coming. It’s time to rebuild. To scavenge. To hunt.

To survive.

America has fallen. But a New Republic will rise…

We suggest you read Perfect Storm, book one in the main Collapse series before losing yourself in Fall Back. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like following rules, then you can definitely read New Republic as a standalone series!

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