Balance (The Divine Series Book 1)

"Heaven and Hell are fighting for the fate of billions, and those billions have nobody to fight for them. Until now.

My name is Landon Hamilton. Hacker. Identity thief. Ex-con.

Okay, I've made a few mistakes, but I'm just a regular guy trying to get by in this crazy world.

There's only one problem:

I'm already dead.

I said this world was crazy, didn't I? You see, I got caught in the middle of the war between good and evil (yeah, it's a real thing), killed and sent on my merry way down. I didn't make it all the way, though. I was intercepted by Dante (yeah, that Dante). It seems he had other things in mind for me.

It turns out, my soul is a perfect balance of good and evil, and my ancestry happens to be part of an unholy triumvirate of angel, demon, and human, which apparently is incredibly rare.

It turns out, Dante has the power to send me back to the mortal realm, along with some cool magic and instructions on how to use it. Too bad this sexy vampire girl crushed them while I was crushing on her.

Oh yeah, it also turns out the Queen of All Demons managed to get her hands on the Holy Grail, and now the only thing standing between her and Armageddon is, well...


It's not like it's the end of the world if I fail.

Oh. Wait.

It is.

Balance is the first book in the paranormal and urban fantasy Divine series, and the first novel ever published by M.R. Forbes, the bestselling author of Starship Eternal. If you love rooting for the underdog, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, action, adventure, humor and a hint of romance, you'll love the Divine series. Pick it up now, and read the series that launched a career."

PRICE: $2.99