Ash: The Days of Ash and Fury, Act One

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Ash: The Days of Ash and Fury

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Embark on the epic fantasy adventure readers are calling “Vibrant, exciting, memorable, and unpredictable.”
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An ageless evil feeds and breeds deep beneath the surface of an enchanted world, plotting its exodus from the fiery eternal prisons of Fury. The divided kingdoms of Tahr, mired in political rivalries, fail to recognize the threat until it is far too late.

Champions emerge from the races and reaches of Tahr to stand against the coming dark tide, drawn together by forces unseen. Lucan Thorne: a swashbuckling tavern hustler. Aria Evanti: a demure elven princess. Firstson J’arn Silverstone: stoic heir to the dwarven Sovereign. Shyla Greykin: an insatiably curious and delightfully irreverent gnome girl.

The ash of the great volcano Fang buries the world in a grey blanket of death. Disparate kingdoms face a growing calamity they cannot even name to oppose, and the peoples of Tahr soon discover they face the threat of nothing less than the utter annihilation of their homelands.

Someone must unite the kingdoms. Someone must lead the coming battle against the evils that emerge. Yet not all would see Tahr restored.

Dark wizard Sartean D’Avers would claim it as his own, and only one can stand against him.

When the courage of an innocent few is tested against the ancient hatreds that separate mankind, valor will not be enough – only the greatest magics will offer hope, for the Hand of Disorder wields a terrible power of his own.

Includes new and updated editions of the first two books, as well as the newly released third volume, Spawn of Fury.

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