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Beyond the Shadow of War (Sequel to Of Windmills & War)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Beyond the Shadow of War (Sequel to Of Windmills & War)

The long awaited sequel to Diane Moody’s bestselling Of Windmills and War.

When the war finally ended in May of 1945, Lieutenant Danny McClain made good on his promise to come back for Anya in Holland. He expected her to put up a fight, but instead found her exhausted and utterly broken. Maybe it was unfair, asking her to marry him when she was so vulnerable. But this much he knew: he would spend a lifetime helping to make her whole again.

The war had taken everything from Anya–her family, her friends, her home, her faith. She clung to the walls she’d fortressed around her heart, but what future did she have apart from Danny? At least she wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Or so she thought. When the American troops demobilize, Danny is sent home, forced to leave Anya behind in England. There she must wait with the other 70,000 war brides for passage to America. As England picks up the pieces of war’s debris in the months that follow, Anya shares a flat with three other war brides in London and rediscovers the healing bond of friendships.

Once again, Danny and Anya find themselves oceans apart, their marriage confined to little more than the handwritten pages of their letters while wondering if the shadow of war will ever diminish.

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Death’s Head: A Soldier With Richard the Lionheart

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Death's Head: A Soldier With Richard the Lionheart

In the year 1191, a monk named Roger dreams of becoming a knight and helping to free Jerusalem from Saladin and the Saracens – and of maybe, just maybe, finding the father who abandoned him as a baby. When he is unjustly accused of murder, Roger flees for his life and joins the crusade of Richard the Lionheart.
In the Holy Land, Roger is introduced to the grim realities of war. He thrives, though, and rises through the ranks to become commander of a company known as the Death’s heads. He loses one love and finds another, and he suffers a crisis of faith as he watches the huge crusading army being destroyed by disease and famine while the dream of freeing Jerusalem seems as far away as ever.
And his other dream, the one about finding his father, seems as far away as ever, too — or is it?

“Death’s Head” illuminates a little-known but significant moment in history, one whose outcome resonates through the years to the present day. It is a story of war and love and the faith that enables ordinary men to perform extraordinary deeds.

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Jack Slater: Orphan Train to Cattle Baron

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Jack Slater: Orphan Train to Cattle Baron

In the fall of 1872, following a buggy mishap that killed his parents, Jack Slater, ten years old, was flung to the streets of New York City, among thousands of misplaced, orphaned, or runaway children. He was saved by the Children’s Aid Society that placed orphaned children with families on the frontier. These families welcomed the children and most found loving homes. Some grew up to become industrial, political, or community leaders.

Slater did not find a loving home.

Instead, he found himself at Pete Jablonski’s farm in Fargo, Dakota Territory where abuse was a daily dose of reality.

When outlaws rob a local mine payroll and kill four men in the process, Slater makes a mortal enemy of the Elko County Sheriff that takes Slater’s life is an unexpected direction.

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Moscow Venture: Historical Espionage Action Thriller

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Moscow Venture: Historical Espionage Action Thriller

John Baran’s best friend dies from a bizarre, massive stroke he suffered in Moscow under mysterious conditions. John suspects foul play and goes to Moscow to get answers. Russian interests, determined to guard their secrets, engage the KGB and a GRU seductress to make sure he doesn’t pick up where his friend left off–by any means necessary.

The Moscow-based CIA discovers a KGB plot to overthrow President Gorbachev and stop his democratic reforms. As a treacherous diversion, the conspirators plan a devastating bioweapon attack on U.S. soil.

The political upheaval hurls John into espionage, a bio-terror plot, and the middle of hard-line communists’ attempt to reverse history. His quest to avenge one death makes him the only man who can save countless American lives and help derail a second Bolshevik revolution–if he can stay alive.

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The Saloon Girl’s Journey (Texas Women of Spirit Book 3)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: The Saloon Girl's Journey (Texas Women of Spirit Book 3)

Join Darla as she begins a new life of faith and redemption–but can she find true love?

Weary of the saloon girl life—and tired of being slapped around—Darla North decides to start over and let her new-found faith lead her. A friend sends her to Downs House, a place for ‘unfortunate women.’ Darla is offered a home—if she can behave herself.
Old habits are hard to break, but Darla is desperate to prove to everyone that she’s changed, especially Ethan Downs, the owner’s sensitive and sweet son. But when Darla’s past threatens to catch up with her, she must decide to face the truth . . . or run away again.

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Son of Mars (The Marius Scrolls Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Son of Mars (The Marius Scrolls Book 1)

Before Julius Caesar ruled Rome, his uncle Gaius Marius was the most powerful man in the eternal city. Once a provincial nobody with a ruined family, Marius only had one way to power: the sword.
Years later, he writes to his protege Quintus Sertorius, explaining to him how he rose through the ranks of the Roman legion to become the most powerful man in the Republic.
He wants to encourage and inspire the young man but gets lost in the retelling of his first experience of war, love, and killing.
A polarizing man from the beginning, Marius was doomed to have people singing his praises or cursing his name. Now, for the first time, Marius speaks for himself.

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Shadows of Tokyo (Reiko Watanabe / Inspector Aizawa Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Shadows of Tokyo (Reiko Watanabe / Inspector Aizawa Book 1)

Tokyo, December 1931

As Japan expands its empire in China and unemployment ravages the economy, Police Inspector Kenji Aizawa receives an anonymous call about the imminent assassination of a leading statesman. The secret informant is Reiko Watanabe, geisha mistress to the plot’s mastermind.

Reiko, headstrong and outspoken, prefers a “modern” life to being a geisha and is horrified that her lover, the American-educated descendant of samurai, Masaru Ryusaki, has become a fascist firebrand. Together with his allies in the Imperial Army, Ryusaki plans to overthrow the civilian government and establish a military dictatorship.

Torn between honor and duty, Reiko and Inspector Aizawa must forge an unlikely alliance in order to stay one step ahead of Ryusaki and a fanatical Army officer. All the while, they uncover a shadowy conspiracy that reaches into the upper echelons of government, international finance, and even around the Imperial Throne itself.

Set during the intersection of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the Great Depression, Shadows of Tokyo brings the turbulent and dangerous world of prewar Japan to vivid life.

Shadows of Tokyo is the first book in a noir historical thriller series set in pre-World War II Japan.

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The Secret Heart (No Better Angels Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: The Secret Heart (No Better Angels Book 1)

She’s a fortune-hunter. He’s nobody’s prey.

Adam, Earl of Bexley, lives to work. His only relief is the sordid savagery of bare-knuckle boxing. Not women, and definitely not a disreputable, scheming woman who dances in secret with such passion…

Caro Small is desperate to escape her selfish family. Her only chance is a good marriage, and she intends to marry Adam—whether he likes it or not. But the more she schemes to entrap him, the more she risks trapping her own heart.

Adam won’t be caught by a fortune-hunter’s ambitious schemes. But the vulnerable, passionate woman underneath the plots might just bring him to his knees.

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To Save a Sinner

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: To Save a Sinner

He expected to be the topic of scandalous gossip.
Banished to Boston for causing the death of Lord Banbury, Lucas Dempsey vowed never to set foot on English soil again. But when his brother inherits the viscountcy and pleads for his return, the opportunity to show his contempt and loathing for the Society who turned its back on him proves to be far too enticing to resist.

He did not expect an intriguing lady to barge into his home desperate to save his wicked soul.
When the dishonourable Lucas Dempsey steps into the ballroom after a four-year absence, Helena Ecclestone is quick to label the gentleman a murderous rogue. That is until she stumbles upon a secret conversation and feels a moral obligation to see justice done. But while the ladies swoon over his handsome countenance, Helena is determined to look beyond such superficial features, intrigued to discover the true character of the gentleman he hides beneath his arrogant façade.

Regency historical romance novel.
This novel contains descriptive love scenes.
Complete ‘standalone’ novel (no cliffhangers)
70,000 words
5* Amazon Reviews
“Her writing is wonderful, I couldn’t let the book go once I started reading.”

“This book had an excellent plot, it moved fast, and kept me engaged to the end.”

“I liked everything about the characters, the plot and the mystery.”

“Adele is a very witty writer.”

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The Company of Demons

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: The Company of Demons

The brutal murder of a friend leaves lawyer John Coleman stunned and sends shockwaves through the city of Cleveland. The technique of the killing recalls memories of the Torso Murderer, who dismembered at least twelve people decades ago and then vanished—eluding even legendary crime fighter Eliot Ness. Jennifer, the victim’s beautiful daughter, hires John to handle her father’s estate, and romantic feelings for her soon complicate his already troubled marriage. When John finds himself entangled with a cold-blooded biker gang, an ex-cop with a fuzzy past, and the drug-addicted son of the dead man, he struggles to make sense of it all.
But he cannot shake a growing sense of dread.

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