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Quiver For Me

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Quiver For Me

I’d watched her for years, knowing I could never have her the way I wanted too.

She was too young, too pure, too beautiful and I didn’t even mention the part about being her ex-step-father.

It was taboo, uncalled for, and so very wrong…

But I couldn’t stop myself when she came running to me from her piece of crap ex-boyfriend.

She needed a place to live, protection and I needed, no wanted a woman to call my own. I could see the curiosity in her gaze as we passed in the hall and I knew she was just as tempted as I was to find out what I was packing…

What she didn’t know was that I had everything she needed and more…

…and after pushing me to the limits one too many times she was going to find out just how good I could make this for her.

I was going to have her, keep her forever, and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it.

**Things get a little crazy in this book so push your rational thinking to the side and dive right in. This is one taboo treat you don’t want to miss out on. Grab a drink and get ready to quiver with need. Panties not required. HEA certified.**

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Taming the Alpha (A Werewolf Romance) (Crescent Moon Series Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Taming the Alpha (A Werewolf Romance) (Crescent Moon Series Book 1)

5After a year of lusting after his sexy employee, werewolf pack-leader Grant broke his no-involvement-with-humans rule and made a move on Talia. A month later the sex is still red hot and everything between them is perfect. Or so he thought. Until the night he shows up at her place expecting their usual ritual of mind-blowing sex and finds out she has other plans. And they don’t include him.

When Talia announces she’s tired of being his last priority, Grant realizes he might lose the only woman he’s ever cared about. He has to do something fast to fix their relationship, but she’s completely unaware that he’s not human. He’s not above using sex to bind her to him, but when she wants more than that he has a risky decision to make. If he admits the truth he risks not only his heart, but the safety of his pack and the existence of all supernatural beings as well.

*Novella Length*

Novellas in the series:
Taming the Alpha (#1)
Claiming His Mate (#2)
Tempting His Mate (#3)
Saving His Mate (#4)

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All In: Betting on a Full House (Gambling With Love Book 2)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: All In: Betting on a Full House (Gambling With Love Book 2)

3Jessica Dodson’s life has been anything but easy.

At seventeen, she ran away from home with her eleven-year-old brother to protect them both from their abusive father. Now, after sacrificing her own happiness for four years while raising Jonathan, she’s ready to have a little fun, including a fling with a crazy hot police officer.

Police Officer Tyler Evans can’t catch a break. He was recently shot twice in the line of duty. If that wasn’t bad enough, he just got dumped by Lauren, the first women he’s ever loved. Now Tyler’s looking for a new place to live and a distraction from his recent heartbreak.

Jess, a sexy and sassy exotic dancer, is just the one to help Tyler forget the woman he lost, even if it’s only for a few hours. She knows she’s nothing more than a stand-in for Lauren, but being with Tyler, even temporarily, is just too good for her to pass up.

One night of excessive drinking sets a series of events into motion that will change Tyler and Jess’s lives. It’ll make them question if something real is developing between them, and whether or not they have a future together.

Through all the emotional obstacles, will Tyler be able to convince Jess that she’s more to him than a passing distraction? Or will the ghosts of Jess’s hellish past completely shatter Tyler and Jess’s happily ever after?


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Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Trifecta

Two men. One woman. It could ruin a friendship, or bring a satisfying twist to their lives. Artist, Jason Morgan, is used to making magic on the canvas. Now he hopes to do it in the bedroom. After a failed gallery showing, Jason decides the best way to cure his creative block is to act on his own personal fantasy, and enter into a sexual relationship with his two best friends. From the time they were in elementary school, Russell Sinclair has been a willing participant in Jason’s adventures, but this one goes to a new level. He’s intrigued by the idea of sharing one woman, but is challenged by how to fit this three-sided relationship into his traditional life. Lauren Redmond is no stranger to fantasy. As the aesthetic sales rep to the top Beverly Hills dermatologists, she is responsible for the majority of puffed lips and filled wrinkles in the greater Los Angeles area. She detours from her steady, secure path when she is offered the opportunity to live the dream with the two men who have occupied her heart since college. The fantasy fast becomes a powerful reality, and Lauren must decide if she is willing to give up everything she has worked for to have a bit of temporary decadence. Trifecta explores the boundaries of love, relationships and convention.

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Ruthless (Sins of Seven Book 4)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Ruthless (Sins of Seven Book 4)

I’m an asshole.
And I make no apologies for it.

My life has been spent drenched in the blood of my enemies.
Our family legacy, left only to me when my brother walked away.

Women are pawns in a game for pleasure. Nothing more.
Until her. Madison Parker.

I’m enthralled. Captivated.
But my past is far too dark.
Pushing her away is my only option.
Yet her stubborn, sassy mouth and beautiful eyes weaken me.

I save her as much as she saves me.
Then blood is spilled once more, and I’ll forever live with the guilt.

Can light find its way through my darkness?
Can she truly be the salvation for this ruthless heart?

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Quickies: A Romance Novella Collection

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Quickies: A Romance Novella Collection

Seven steamy stories of ripped alpha males… these tattooed bad boys and billionaires are hot AF.

This compilation of novellas includes:

His Prize
Arrogant Chef
Inked Temptation
Double Fake
In Deep
Virgin 157
Revenge F*ck

***no cliffhangers, no cheating, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.***

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Babysitter’s Club Olivia

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Babysitter's Club Olivia

I was supposed to be the babysitter, that’s what they told me. What they didn’t tell me, is that they were at the tail end of a bitter divorce and that I would be caught in the middle of a cold war between two parents and children who had already chosen sides, but because of the law, had no real say in what they did.

I’d been hired by the father, a hotter, sexier thirty something I have never seen. At twenty-one and in my third year of college, I needed the job because the pay was good and the hours flexible. Plus, with my new dorm falling through because of a clerical error, I needed a place to stay. So I guess you could say this job fell into my lap at the most opportune time.

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Smoldering Wet: Story 1 (The Zoe Scott Series)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Smoldering Wet: Story 1 (The Zoe Scott Series)

Smart Erotica for Smart Readers.

Zoe becomes restless when her firefighter boyfriend doesn’t bring it. When erotic circumstances present themselves, she and best friend Dara, manipulate Darrell into a place where he sheds his vanilla mindset and goes along for a sexual ride of epic proportions.

Zoe Scott finds herself in a sexual slump after the fun at University President Taylor’s party this last summer. Zoe is accustomed to being the schemer of her and Dara’s sexcapades and needs another fix.

Now that she has a vanilla firefighter boyfriend, she yearns for something more.

Something Darrell can’t provide.

Or can he?

Dara knew how it would go. And with Zoe involved, though she wasn’t absolutely certain – it should go their way. So Dara just smiled and leaned closer, allowing her breasts to push against Darrell’s muscular chest.

“And Zoe will enjoy sharing me with you,” she murmured and had the satisfaction of watching his brows pick up in surprise.

“Well you’re full of surprises, Professor Nichols,” he said, those dark eyes searching hers, hoping for clues. Her cool eyes gazed back, revealing nothing. The blessing of experience.

“You have no idea,” Dara replied and he let her hand fall, his eyes taking on that look of dark anticipation where ownership and surety had been moments before.

“I’m getting that.”

Zoe walked through the door and saw the two of them, her eyes assessing, missing nothing. Stupid she isn’t, Dara thought. It made her wet just thinking about Zoe’s form of punishment. What she’d do to Dara’s body when she found how she’d conned her.

Short story length.

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The Passion of Jane (Mayfair Menage Book 1)

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: The Passion of Jane (Mayfair Menage Book 1)

A disillusioned rake with a shameful secret. A beautiful woman, hiding her passionate nature. A soldier, who has given everything for his country.
Jane Vernon buried her sexual appetite for years while married to a cold and distant man. She returns to her father’s house as a penniless widow and begins volunteering at a London hospital. While nursing injured soldiers, Jane’s passion is suddenly sparked by the beautiful officer in her care. The problem? First, he’s unconscious—and then he disappears.

A chance encounter with the Earl of Shevington follows. He is a man bent only on his own pleasure, but his caresses further fan the flames of Jane’s awakening desires. Scandal threatens and Jane is once again stuck in a marriage of convenience. Her new husband incites her cravings even while she endures his stern discipline, but she cannot trust a man like him with her heart.
When her soldier unexpectedly returns to her life, Jane must face her deepest fears—and accept her darkest desires.

Publisher’s Warning: Contains scenes with elements of BDSM, ménage, and graphic sex.

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Bound and Freed

Book Cover Art Work for the book titled: Bound and Freed

“Haven’t you ever been in love?”
“You mean that stupid, insane, sickly infatuation one gets when they can’t eat and can’t sleep because they only think of him?”
“That’s the one.”

John Taylor is a beautiful and dangerous man, but also a deeply damaged soul, bound to his tormented past. Nicknamed “Father John,” he’s also a notorious, sought after sadist at the local BDSM club.

Kelly Flynn is restrained by troubling ties of her own. She is suffering from the “Fatal Female Flaw” when ordinarily sensible women fall madly in love with an unattainable man who can’t, or won’t, love them back. There’s no possible way Kelly can ever break through John’s defenses to the tortured soul beneath… or can she?


“Mystery, suspense, heartbreak, and relationship drama galore. The author approaches the world of BDSM with tact and class. She also approaches it in such a manner that you realize how much there is to this world, and what it really means to those there. This series makes you re-evaluate what’s important in your life.” – Pure Jonel

“Bound and Freed grabbed me from the start. An intense, sexy, love story and an emotional roller coaster ride. John Taylor is smoking hot, and Kelly Flynn is feisty and fun.” – I Love My Ereader

“Don’t pass it by- not may authors can write a story with such understanding and depth of feeling . . .” – Vulkonschild

The Bound and Freed Series is an erotic romance for mature readers only.

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